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Why A Healthy Mindset?

A healthy mindset is crucial for the underdog and as it lays the foundation for mindfulness and the mental aspects of their pursuits. Understanding the significance of a healthy mindset empowers individuals to apply mindfulness techniques, envision success, set intentions, establish effective goals, cultivate daily habits, and foster a positive self-image. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in maintaining confidence, highlighting the importance of communication, acknowledging that mistakes don't define one's identity, and grasping the essence of energy management. This mindset equips individuals to navigate setbacks effectively. Staying motivated becomes intrinsic, allowing a dedicated focus on nurturing a healthy mindset and the creation of a personalized program for sustained success.

The Online Program

  • Assess: To initiate the process, the underdog athlete should undergo the Ready To Play and Total Wellness assessment, while the workplace professional should undertake the Change Readiness & Total Wellness assessment. These assessments are pivotal in understanding your current mindset and values, pinpointing growth areas, and laying the groundwork for collaborative efforts to achieve your desired outcomes. Upon assessment completion access the audio debriefing within the community. Emphasize taking the assessment to gain valuable insights.

  • Educate: Immerse yourself in the transformative "Transform" phase through our 17-year legacy in mindset coaching, assessments and courses for personal development. Rooted in the understanding that courses alone are not 100% transformational, we introduce The Healthy Mindset App Program For Athletes & Workplace Athletes.
    You will continue the process by taking the Audio eLearning Course, woven with 14 meticulously crafted educational lessons. Learning from firsthand experience as a former professional athlete Mike Hartman honed this process to encompass rich content, simple tasks, accountability structures, personalized coaching, dynamic live sessions, unlimited Q & A and ongoing community engagement. Let our insights guide you towards a profound mindset shift and holistic transformation, born from a world class  athletic experience.
  • Self-Coach: Empowering individuals in athletics or the workplace. Our self-coaching approach invites you to tailor the process to your unique needs and preferences. Emphasizing persistence, resilience, and the pursuit of clear SMART GOALS. Our program equips you with over 300 Self-Coaching tools and resources.
    These encompass Accountability Coaching, Group Coaching, Guided Meditation, Goals Meditation, Gratitude Meditation, Visualization Sessions, and strategic guidance for Goal-Setting, all designed to foster self-awareness, a growth mindset, and positive habit development. Mike Hartman leads the way in providing you these valuable  resources.

   The Program Incorporates  

  •  Mindset Skills Workshop : Participate in interactive workshops led by Mike Hartman who focuses on strengthening mental toughness, goal-setting, and visualization techniques. This collaborative learning experience will improve mental resilience and performance.
  •  Video-Chat Support Groups : Attend regular video-chat sessions with like-minded people to share personal experiences, challenges, and victories in managing mental aspects of life. Building strong connections and understanding that everyone faces similar challenges helps facilitate growth and perseverance.
  •  Accountability : Engage with other underdogs as they share their pain points, struggles and challenges.
    Accountability mindset coaching with Mike Hartman to receive valuable knowledge and inspiration to further develop a Healthy Mindset so you can be on your game.      



Mindset Coach for the Underdog 

Mindset coach, accomplished keynote speaker and former professional athlete who triumphed over challenges and setbacks as an underdog. With a noteworthy background playing hockey in the Minor Leagues, Europe, Team USA and The National Hockey League. He was also a proud member of the 1994 Stanley Cup winning team New York Rangers. 
Presently he empowers athletes and business professionals through his renowned Healthy Mindset Online Coaching Program. 
Holding certifications as a Mindfulness coach, Axiological Practitioner, DISC assessments, Motivators assessments and he was recognized by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.



Licensed Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community. Cheryl was among one of the first 70 employees at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America, where she led Health & Wellness, and dedicated over eight years to helping the firm achieve its mission to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  

The Healthy Mindset App Program caters to underdog athlete and workplace athlete aiming to provide an educational and transformative experience. Your complete commitment is expected. If, after actively participating in the program and workshops, you feel they fall short of your expectations, send an email with 30 days' written notice to cancel your yearly membership to [email protected] 

        Mindset Coaching

Mike Hartman's Mindset Coaching presents an extraordinary opportunity for individuals seeking transformative growth and development. Leveraging his vast experience as a Mindset Coach and mentor, Mike Hartman empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable outcomes. 

His personalized guidance and unwavering support foster confidence and clarity, enabling clients to overcome obstacles, leverage their strengths, and navigate life's challenges with resilience. Mike's mindset coaching approach combines empathy, intuition, and expertise, allowing him to tailor strategies to meet each individual's specific needs and goals. Whether aiming for life success or enhancing athletic mindset, Mike Hartman's coaching equips clients with invaluable tools and insights for profound and enduring positive change.

With his steadfast dedication and commitment to helping others succeed, Mike serves as a catalyst for growth, inspiring individuals to surpass their limits and embrace boundless possibilities. 

For Mindset Coaching or Speaking Engagements please contact [email protected] to schedule a strategy call.