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"Champion Your Life: Adopting the Athlete's Mindset for Winning Strategies in Every Domain."


Welcome to the Healthy Mindset App Program, guided by Mike Hartman! Our program follows the process of Assess, Educate, and Self Coach, all within our private community platform.

First, we Assess your current mindset and goals to understand where you are and where you want to go. Then, we Educate you with our main course, the Healthy Mindset For Athletes & Workplace Athletes, as well as our Short Audio courses, providing tailored strategies and insights to help you thrive.

Next, we guide you to Self Coach, empowering you with the tools and resources available in the community. This includes live group coaching sessions with ongoing Q&A via video, where you receive dynamic support and personalized guidance from Mike and the community. Additionally, meditation plays a crucial role in fostering resilience, clarity, and well-being.

Join us on this empowering journey towards peak performance and holistic success within our private community platform. Welcome to the Healthy Mindset App Program!

Healthy Mindset App Program

       1. Assess:

  • Undergo the targeted Index Assessment to uncover your values and mindset orientation, guiding your personalized learning journey.
  • Set the groundwork for effective collaboration by leveraging the Assessment to align goals and foster collective efforts towards shared objectives.
  • After completing the targeted assessment, participants proceed to the community platform where they can access audio sessions specifically tailored to their assessment results, allowing for focused learning and discussion on relevant topics.

       2. Educate:   

  • Indulge in the main course, The Healthy Mindset Audio eLearning Course, meticulously crafted by former professional athlete Mike Hartman. This comprehensive program consists of 14 carefully curated educational lessons designed to ignite personal growth and development.
  • Experience 20 short audio bonus classes, enhancing your learning journey! Delve into various topics including mindfulness, goal-setting, stress management, work-life balance, mental and physical skills, anger and attention management, critical thinking, happiness, emotional intelligence, productivity, life coaching, social learning, influence mastery, self-awareness, career development, and public speaking proficiency.
  • Engage in dynamic Live group coaching sessions, enjoy unlimited Q&A opportunities, and participate in ongoing community involvement to support your personal and professional growth journey.

       3. Self-Coach:

  • Harness the array of tools available within the community to empower your self-coaching journey, equipping yourself with resources tailored to your growth and development needs.
  • Benefit from Mike Hartman's dedicated accountability coaching, empowering you in your self-coaching journey with personalized support and guidance to help you stay on track and achieve both the goals within the program and your personal aspirations.
  • The program provides a wide array of guided meditation sessions, catering to different requirements, such as sports-specific meditations for athletes, workplace-focused sessions, tranquil walking meditations, restful sleep meditations, and effective goal-setting meditations.

   The Program Incorporates  

  •  Mindset Skills Workshop : Participate in interactive workshops led by Mike Hartman who focuses on strengthening mental toughness, goal-setting, and visualization techniques. This collaborative learning experience will improve mental resilience and performance.
  •  Video-Chat Support Groups : Attend regular video-chat sessions with like-minded people to share personal experiences, challenges, and victories in managing mental aspects of life. Building strong connections and understanding that everyone faces similar challenges helps facilitate growth and perseverance.
  •  Accountability : Engage with other underdogs as they share their pain points, struggles and challenges.
    Accountability mindset coaching with Mike Hartman to receive valuable knowledge and inspiration to further develop a Healthy Mindset so you can be on your game.      



Mindset-Shift Coach for the Underdog 

Founder of the Hartman.Academy and The Healthy Mindset App Program.

Mindset-shift coach, acclaimed keynote speaker, and former professional athlete who overcame numerous challenges, Mike bring a wealth of experience to the table. With a remarkable journey through the Minor Leagues, Europe, Team USA, and the prestigious National Hockey League, including being part of the victorious 1994 Stanley Cup team, the New York Rangers. Presently, he is dedicated to empowering athletes and business professionals through The Healthy Mindset App Program and personalized Mindset-Shift Coaching on Demand. His expertise includes certifications as a mindfulness coach, Axiological Practitioner, and proficiency in DISC and Motivators assessments, recognized by The National Academy of Sports Medicine.



Licensed Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community. Cheryl was among one of the first 70 employees at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America, where she led Health & Wellness, and dedicated over eight years to helping the firm achieve its mission to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness.


Coaching on Demand 

 Unlock Your Full Potential: Experience lasting change with tailored personalized coaching from Mike Hartman. Benefit from one-on-one sessions addressing your challenges, accelerating your growth journey. Receive customized guidance aligned with your strengths, weaknesses, and goals for personalized development. Implement strategies empowering sustainable mindset and performance changes. Access coaching on demand for flexibility. Schedule a strategy call via email to [email protected] to learn more.

Your full commitment is required. If the program and workshops don't meet your expectations after active participation, email a cancellation notice with 30 days' written notice to [email protected] to cancel your yearly membership.