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You will have full access to a Targeted Assessment, Healthy Mindset Audio eLearning Course with 14 Transformational Lessons, Short Quizzes, Weekly Group Coaching, Online Accountability Coaching, Private Chats with Mike Hartman, Updated Resource Library, Over 100 Motivational Messages, Q & A, Nutritional Resources, Audio Self-Coaching Tools, Guided Meditation, Guided Goals Meditation & Guided Visualization.

Why The Healthy Mindset App Program?

The athlete needs a Healthy Mindset for confidence, mental toughness, setbacks, injuries, disappointments, goal setting, stress management, focus, concentration, staying in the zone, motivation, determination, teamwork and leadership. 

Why A Community For Underdogs?

Joining the community of like-minded athletes can offer numerous advantages, from support and motivation to tools and resources. 

Ready Set Coach!

  •  Mindset Skills Workshop : Participate in interactive workshops led by Mike Hartman who focuses on strengthening mental toughness, goal-setting, and visualization techniques. This collaborative learning experience will improve mental resilience and performance.
  •  Video-Chat Support Groups : Attend regular video-chat sessions with like-minded people to share personal experiences, challenges, and victories in managing mental aspects of life. Building strong connections and understanding that everyone faces similar challenges helps facilitate growth and perseverance.
  •  Accountability : Engage with other UNDERDOGS as they share their pain points, struggles and challenges.
    Accountability coaching with Mike Hartman to receive valuable knowledge and inspiration to further develop a Healthy Mindset so you can be on your game


  • Assess: To begin, you will take the targeted assessment, which establishes your current mindset and values as an athlete. The assessment helps identify areas for growth and sets the foundation for collaborative work towards your desired outcomes. After completing the assessment, you can listen to the audio debriefing in the community.
  • Educate: The Healthy Mindset App Program is designed to support athletes through science & education. As part of the educational journey, various resources and tools are provided, including live & recorded group coaching sessions, The Healthy Mindset eLearning Audio Course & quizzes, guided meditation, guided goals meditation, guided visualization sessions, strategies for goal setting and plan for developing positive habits. 
  • Self-Coaching: is a personal journey that requires adaptability and patience. 
    Self-Coaching encourages athletes to customize the process to their own needs and preferences. It emphasizes persistence, resilience, and setting clear, SMART goals. Athletes are encouraged to assess their current situation, create an action plan, practice self-awareness, adopt a growth mindset, seek knowledge and resources, engage in self-reflection, hold themselves accountable, celebrate achievements with support from Mike Hartman & the community!



Mindset Coach for the Underdog 

A former professional athlete, and Underdog who not only overcame the odds and fought his way through many hardships, didn’t just make it to the NHL, he has been a part of championship teams at every level in his 17-year professional career.  He now works with athletes and business professionals to help them become a champion of their own life. He is a keynote speaker, certified Mindfulness Teacher, Axiological Profiles, Behaviors DISC, Motivators and was certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.



Licensed Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition expert dedicated to improving both health and wellness standards within her community. Cheryl was among one of the first 70 employees at Chobani, the number-one selling Greek yogurt brand in America, where she led Health & Wellness, and dedicated over eight years to helping the firm achieve its mission to provide people with better food options and expedite universal wellness.


           Program is only $99/yr 

  • Targeted Assessment 

  • Healthy Mindset Audio eLearning Course

  • 14 Transformational Lessons

  • Short Quizzes

  • Weekly Group Coaching

  • Daily Q & A via Video

  • Online Accountability Coaching

  • Access to Mike Hartman For Unlimited Private Chats

  • Updated Resource Library 

  • Over 100 Motivational Messages

  • Nutrition Resources

  • Audio Self-Coaching Tools

  • Guided Meditation 

  • Guided Goals Meditation 

  • Guided Visualization 


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The Healthy Mindset  App Program for the underdog is a platform for athletes with the purpose of having it be educational and transformational.  We anticipate your full commitment to this program. In the event that you actively engage in the program and workshops yet find they did not meet your expectations please send us an email with 30 days written notice to [email protected] and we will cancel your yearly membership subscription.